Ballistic-shield Briefcase




Model - BSB01

The Protact’s ballistic-shield briefcase is a tactful, quick and swift deployment bullet protection device. It’s covert and non threatening appearance makes it ideal for use by VIP close protection officers. It is lightweight, compact, easy to carry anywhere during escort duties. The design of the briefcase allows rapid and single handed quick release unfolding when required to provide a protection against bullets and fragments.

The four part ballistic-shield briefcase is constructed from heavy duty aramid material and unfolds quickly to provide around 64" x 20" of protection. The standard colours are black and navy blue. This briefcase can also be made in leather outer cover for a more elegant and stylish look.

Protection Level
Standard protection is against NIJ Level IIIA. Level IIIA ballistic protection will stop most handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum. It will also stop 9mm submachine gun rounds. This briefcase cannot stop high-velocity rifle rounds, like from an AK-47 or G3.
Customized armour solutions can also be offered.

Dimensions and Weight
The standard size is 20 x 17 inches.
The weight of the standard size NIJ Level IIIA protection ballistic briefcase is 4.6 kgs.

  • Dimensions folded, 20 x 17 inches
  • Dimensions unfolded, 20 x 64 inches

The standard colours are black and navy blue. Other colours, finishes and materials can also be offered on customers’ requirement.

Who needs one of these?
Ballistic-Shield Briefcase is ideally designed for businessmen, VIPs, Politicians etc. working in threatening environments – like Afghanistan, Sudan, etc..

Unfolding Time: How does it work?
This briefcase will take two to three seconds to open to 180 degrees. This briefcase, in a closed position, is held together by zips on sides and the briefcase handles at top. Let go of one handle and unzip the side zips and the briefcase turns into a ballistic shield.

Product List


Style No: MSBLV001
Brief description:
Upper Leather: Top Grade Suede
Upper Fabric: High Density Nylon
Insole: Nonwoven Fiber Board
Outsole: PU/Rubber

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