Bomb Containment Bag

The letter-bomb containment bag is designed where there is an apprehension of explosive devices received in the mail.
The purpose of this bag is to reduce the fragmentation effect to a great extent in the case of detonation of an explosive device i.e. a suspect letter or item is placed in the bag until competent specialists arrive on location.
Tested and Certified to Stanag 2920 and MIL-STD-662F.


Suppression Blanket

The Bomb Suppression Blanket is used in public areas to suppress the blast fragmentation that causes most damages and injuries. The multiple layer ballistic filler is enclosed in an outer cover, which is fitted with lifting straps. Both blanket and containment ring fold into a compact, easily carried bag.

Tested and Certified to Stanag 2920 and MIL-STD-662F.


EOD Suit

The Anti Mining (EOD) suit protects from all types of high-velocity fragments, over-pressure and intense heat in case of a close-proximity explosive detonation, without restricting movement. The suit can be used as a first entry tactical suit.
The main advantages of this suit are its level of protection combined with lightweight, flexibility, ease of putting on, and comfort in wearing for long time periods of time.


Product List


Style No: MSBLV001
Brief description:
Upper Leather: Top Grade Suede
Upper Fabric: High Density Nylon
Insole: Nonwoven Fiber Board
Outsole: PU/Rubber

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